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  • 4 Foods to Help With Tendonitis

    Written by: Emma Coburn

    jello neon

    Tendonitis is the worst.  The absolute worst. Chances are that if you’re a runner, you’ll experience tendonitis at some point. I have had issues with tendonitis in the past and I can honestly say, it is the most frustrating injury to deal with. Tendon injuries are often bad enough to cripple training but not bad […]

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  • Should you run after college? Ya… If you want to. Why not?

    Written by: Jenny Desouchet

    Should you run after college?

    Graduating from college is a milestone. For most students, it means starting the career that they’ve worked hard to find the last few years with internships, networking and Greek life (somehow I am pretty sure this helps with finding jobs). The transition means probably less partying on the weekdays, starting a 9-5 job, maybe moving to a new city, and starting to pay back those student loans.

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  • Eating Disorders: What No One Wants To Talk About

    Written by: Jordan Marie Daniel

    Eating Disorders

    I’ll be blogging on eating disorders and this makes me feel very uncomfortable but it needs to be put out there. This may not be a hot topic item in DC concerning Native American affairs, this may not be an issue concerning Native Americans in Indian Country, but this is an issue that I have seen personally affect people in Indian Country, friends, family and around the world.

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  • 26.2 Miles to the Finish, Week 17

    Written by: Jordan Marie Daniel

    26.2 miles

    Working on my endurance is key and building that threshold to consistently run at a good clip for an extended amount of time, just benefits me and gets that marathon pace closer in reach. As the weeks have come and gone, I’ve found myself feeling that tired feeling, the leg heaviness, the soreness, the breakthroughs, the time dropping, the muscle definition, the need to buy clothes that fit now, and the excruciating hangry and fungry moments as I want to eat all the time.