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  • Feel Like a Healthy Runner with this Nuun Jello Recipe

    Written by: Jonny Stevens

    jello stock

    We discovered that gelatin can help with tendon injuries and immediately made a runner version of jello to share with everyone.  Instead of making a jello with sugar filled fruit juice, we chose Nuun hydration tablets. Low in sugar and filled with runner-friendly ingredients (magnesium, potassium, etc.), Nuun made the perfect substitution. Give this recipe […]

  • Book Review
  • Run with the Champions: Book Review

    Written by: Joe Bosshard

    Run with the Champions: Book Review

    In Run with the Champions, award-winning running writer Marc Bloom feeds the voracious appetite of America’s growing running population in two ways: by creating a unique system to objectively rank the nation’s top 30 male and top 20 female runners of all time, and by revealing their little-known training secrets and strategies, from what they ate to how they trained for their biggest victories.

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  • Where were the Olympic Marathon Trials Participants From?

    Written by: Joe Bosshard

    Where were the Olympic Marathon Trials Participants From?

    If there is one thing that men and women who started the Olympic Marathon Trials race last Saturday proved it was successful runners can come from anywhere. The participants represented 41 different states. There were runners from the largest cities in the U.S. – New York (6), Los Angeles (3), and Chicago (2). There were also runners from unincorporated rural villages, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.