Consume jujube tea in winter season to replenish blood and invigorate qi

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Drink jujube tea in winter season to replenish blood and invigorate qi

In winter season, the temperature is reduced, the cold is hefty, the physiological perform of the human physique is lowered, Yang qi is gradually weak, larger requirements for energy and nourishment, may as nicely consume a lot more tea, maintain warm towards the chilly, improve resistance. 39 health web editor suggests 3 types of health tea, replenish qi and blood to improve immunity, permit you heat winter season.

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Consume jujube tea in winter to replenish blood and invigorate qi

1. The purple jujube tea

Females like bubble jujube tea extremely much, in simple fact aged and young men and girls are suitable for drinking this tea. Specially appropriate for drinking jujube tea in winter. Jujube has the impact of enhancing bodily ability and muscle mass toughness. It contains cyclic adenosine phosphate, can grow coronary artery, enhance myocardial contractility, and includes parts such as hawthorn acid, has the effect of inhibiting most cancers. Jujube is higher in sugar and generates a lot of heat, so it is particularly suitable for eating in wintertime.

Advised tea: jujube tea, jujube wolfberry tea, coix seed jujube tea.

2. Black tea

Black tea has a variety of features, these kinds of as clearing heat, relieving heat, detoxing, digestion, eliminating greasy, beneficial drinking water, laxative, cough, invigorating qi, refreshing, phlegm, and many others., food,, which has been praised as a good medication with equally assault and tonic. In addition to independent brewing, can also be added to other materials.

Advised tea: chrysanthemum tea pu-erh tea, rose pu-erh tea.

3. The black tea

Black tea is a extremely widespread tea, drinking black tea can make the bones powerful, it is advised to take a cup of black tea each working day, this kind of as incorporating lemon to the black tea, powerful bone effect is more powerful. When brewing black tea, need to use just boiled h2o bubble, and attempt to cup lid, so as not to release fragrance. Black tea in addition to individual brewing, but also in the black tea to incorporate other resources.

Advised tea: milk black tea, sugar cane black tea, sticky rice black tea.

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