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Runners are inspiring, funny, weird, well-travelled, courageous, smart, and awesome. Run2run is a place where runners can come together to be all those things. If you like running and have thoughts about it then this is the spot for you! Do you have a crazy running story, or thoughts on the lifestyle of athletes? We want to be your platform to share with the running community! Why do you run? What motivates you? What have you learned along the way? Don’t bottle up your feelings…share with us! Where is your favorite place to run? Let us help start the conversation! Have you run into a poo related issue during a race? Please share! Are you a filmmaker? Who doesn’t want to watch a steeplechase fall? The more we can connect runners the bigger and stronger our community gets.

Comments? Suggestions? Article ideas? Let us know! jbosshard@run2run.com

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