Nap like Professional Runners – Early and Often

Written by: Joe Bosshard


We recently posted an article called “How to look like a professional runner”. That got us thinking about how to do other things like a professional runner. Next up…

Nap like Professional Runners

Napping is to pro runners as not napping is to regular folks – just part of daily life.

Here are some suggestions we have to nap like a professional runner.

1. Invest in the nap

Convince your boss, teacher, whoever gives you permission to do things, that napping will increase your productivity. Science in on your side here..


Nap like a professional runner

2. Nap Daily

This is important. Professional runners do not miss a nap. The nap must become a priority. It must be in the same category as eating food and drinking water. What did you do today? I ate, drank, and napped. That’s the goal.

Nap like a professional runner

3. Tell people about your nap

Did you have a wonderful nap today? Good. Let us know. Please. It’s important to discuss your nap with (un)willing listeners. Talk about how great it was, talk about how much longer it was than you thought it would be, maybe compare it to previous nap cycles.

nap like a professional runner


4. Put off doing all productive daily activities until nap is complete

Again, where are your priorities? A nap should come before you do almost anything after a run.  The best way is to just run right into your bed upon completion of your workout. Shower? No way.  This generally leads to multiple runs and workouts between showers. Don’t worry, if you follow point #3 everyone will understand. Did someone just text/call you about doing something later? Do not respond until the nap is complete. Hungry? We prefer to eat in bed, with our eyes closed, as to not take away from napping hours.  Wash your clothes, clean the house, get groceries….none of these things matter if you have not gotten your nap in.

Nap like a professional runner
Nap before everything else

We have given you the roadmap, its your turn to drive, or something. If you want to nap like professional runners nap, then this is what you have to turn. Good luck!

Got another suggestion for a post about doing things like a professional? Have a funny napping story? Let us know here or in the comments.

Joe is a former University of Colorado runner with a penchant for numbers and filing tax returns. He started run2run as a distraction while studying for CPA exams.

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