Naples Half Marathon was cancelled today, these pictures show why

Written by: Joe Bosshard

Naples half marathon

Naples Half Marathon

Today is the last chance to hit a qualifying time for the Olympic Marathon Trials. The Naples Half Marathon was one of a hand handful of races where athletes could get a shot at qualifying with a quality field of other runners. The trials are 4 weeks away, so this is also a good weekend for runners that have already qualified to get in one more hard race effort before toeing the line in LA on Feb 13th.

Unfortunately Mother Nature decided it wasn’t a good day to run a road race. Deadly tornadoes and damaging storms ripped through the area early Sunday morning, making the the course not only inaccessible in some areas but potentially life threatening (falling trees are dangerous). Downed power lines sat in pools of water throughout the city. 2 people in the area died during the storm.

Inevitably the race was cancelled.  Per the race website:

Dear NDN Half Marathon Participant,

It is with great sorrow that we had to cancel the 2016 NDN Half Marathon, early this morning. Due to flooding, downed power lines and fallen debris, the race course was not safe for runners. Our priority for this and all GCR races is your safety.

 While we are unable to provide a refund, we are opening 2017 NDN Half Marathon race registration on January 20, 2016 to you for a fee of $25 until March 31, 2016. Starting on April 1, 2016 the registration fee will go up to $50.00 with gradual increases, thereafter.

We greatly appreciate your understanding of this un preventable  ‘act of God’ this morning and we hope you will join us next year for the running of the 2017 NDN Half Marathon. Our sympathies go out to those who may have been negatively impacted by this mornings storm.

 Should you have any questions please send your email to me,

Thank you for your continued support of Gulf Coast Runners!

Mitch Norgart
Gulf Coast Runners

No race refund and a slightly reduced fee for next year’s race is a tough pill to swallow, as racers are out somewhere between $45-$80, but there likely isn’t much that can be done.

For any athlete looking for another race. The 3M Half Marathon in Austin is offering comped entry to the race next weekend. It’s too late to get a qualifying time for the marathon but Austin is a pretty awesome place to hang out for a weekend! Glass half full, right?

Joe is a former University of Colorado runner with a penchant for numbers and filing tax returns. He started run2run as a distraction while studying for CPA exams.

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