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  • Eating Disorders: What No One Wants To Talk About

    Written by: Jordan Marie Daniel

    Eating Disorders

    I’ll be blogging on eating disorders and this makes me feel very uncomfortable but it needs to be put out there. This may not be a hot topic item in DC concerning Native American affairs, this may not be an issue concerning Native Americans in Indian Country, but this is an issue that I have seen personally affect people in Indian Country, friends, family and around the world.

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  • 26.2 Miles to the Finish, Week 17

    Written by: Jordan Marie Daniel

    26.2 miles

    Working on my endurance is key and building that threshold to consistently run at a good clip for an extended amount of time, just benefits me and gets that marathon pace closer in reach. As the weeks have come and gone, I’ve found myself feeling that tired feeling, the leg heaviness, the soreness, the breakthroughs, the time dropping, the muscle definition, the need to buy clothes that fit now, and the excruciating hangry and fungry moments as I want to eat all the time.

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  • Documentary about the Boston Marathon receives funding- Trailer looks magical

    Written by: Joe Bosshard


    Who loves inspiring running videos? We do! We do! Boston a documentary about the Boston Marathon is back on track after receiving necessary funding to continue filming. John Hancock Financial, long time title sponsor of the Boston Marathon, has stepped in to fill the gap needed to complete the film. Earlier this year director Jon Dunham , […]