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  • Prop Bets for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

    Written by: Jonny Stevens

    Prop Bets for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials

    Allowing gambling on Olympic track was only approved by the Las Vegas Gambling Control Board last year. We are still a ways away from having betting stations in Hayward Field . What the hell? Why don’t we have prop bets for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in L.A. this weekend? Screw it, we will come up with our own. Joe and I will bet with each other and enjoy the race that way. Anyone want to join? How do we make this official? Who do we call? Trump?!

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  • 26.2 Miles to the Finish, Week 17

    Written by: Jordan Marie Daniel

    26.2 miles

    Working on my endurance is key and building that threshold to consistently run at a good clip for an extended amount of time, just benefits me and gets that marathon pace closer in reach. As the weeks have come and gone, I’ve found myself feeling that tired feeling, the leg heaviness, the soreness, the breakthroughs, the time dropping, the muscle definition, the need to buy clothes that fit now, and the excruciating hangry and fungry moments as I want to eat all the time.

  • R2R Editorial Team
  • Learning from the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials

    Written by: Joe Bosshard

    2012 Olympic Marathon Trials

    We are just over two weeks away from determining who will represent the US in the marathon at the Rio Olympics. Over 400 men and women have earned the right to line up and race in Los Angeles on February 13th. Predications have started to fly out (I’ll be making mine the week of the race). Experience vs. energized youth. The up and comers vs. the old guard.