Find Your Perfect Running Buddy

Written by: Jenny Desouchet

Your Perfect Running Buddy

Your Perfect Running Buddy

In need of a running buddy or two? We all know that having someone by your side can turn an otherwise boring, slow run into something really fun.  Running is easier with someone else. It’s good to have someone to hold you accountable.  But where to start?  What kind of person are you looking for? What kind of runner are you? 

Need a little help? Here’s a comprehensive list of types of runners and suggestions for the best fit for you.  Figure out description fits your running style and match it up with a corresponding running buddy! Perfect!  You and your running buddy will be a match made in heaven if you follow these guidelines. 


Your Perfect Running Buddy


Big Talker

The big talker is a big talker. Stories of last-night’s tinder soirée, league of legends, and literally anything else that comes into their mind. This person’s stream of conscious rambling will keep your ear busy the entire run, and there won’t be a dull moment. The pros: you can tune them out while focusing on your run, because they probably don’t need much response from you to keep the conversation going. The cons: if you do have something interesting to say, good luck trying to get a word in.

Running-mate-match: Great Listener.  The Big Talker and the Great Listener go together like peas and carrots for obvious reasons. If you’re a big talker, seek out someone willing to listen to your stories, and laugh at your jokes. If you’re a Great Listener that prefers to keep quiet and offer advice when needed, seek out the biggest talker you can find.
Your Perfect Running Buddy

Great Listener

Great Listeners make awesome friends because they are willing to analyze everything you say to offer constructive and helpful advice. They also make great running partners for this reason. This person is likely to observe your habits and patterns, all the while listening to what you have to say about running and doing their best to be flexible for your running needs. Great listeners can be quiet, but that doesn’t mean they are shy/not capable of having good things to say.

Running-mate-match: The Big Talker, Gossip Queen, Complainer, Motivator. The Great Listener is a versatile and positive addition for any of these running buddies because of their intuitiveness and flexibility for working with others. The Gossip Queen, Complainer and Motivator are all great fits for the flexible Great Listener.


Your Perfect Running Buddy

Gossip Queen

If you ever want to hear all the dirty, probably fabricated or at least exaggerated details of people’s lives, go to the gossip queen for an hour trot. This person probably has a hard time small-talking (like most of us), and decides to fill the air with interesting and juicy gossip. This can be fun and interesting for a bit, until you miss a day with the group and wonder what type of gossip is being said about you by the queen.

Running-mate-match: Great Listener, Big Talker, Swag Master. The great listener is a sponge just waiting to sop up the latest juicy gossip.


Your Perfect Running Buddy

Pace Pusher

Whether they do it absent-mindedly, or their competitive edge gets the best of them, the pace pusher has a compulsion to be in the front, and push the pace. On warm-ups, long-run, and workouts, you’ll have to remind this person to slow down. Don’t get too worked up when this person has to be two steps in front of the group, it’s simply who they are.

Running-mate-match: Pace Regulator, Gossip Queen, Big Talker. The pace regulator helps strike a balance with the pace pusher, and the gossip queen/big talker will be too busy chatting away to notice the pace slowly becoming more of a sprint.


Your Perfect Running Buddy


You know what sucks? Everything. My shoes are too tight, the weather is no good, this trail is too hilly, and everything about running is so hard”, something you might hear from the complainer. This person does not try to conceal any of their fears or anxieties when it comes to running, in fact they vocalize everything that could possibly go wrong at all times. If you’re ever feeling a bit too optimistic or hopeful that you might have a nice day, good run, or do something well, have a run with the complainer to keep your ambitions in check. This person’s mood usually comes around after a good workout, and will have a complete change of attitude, almost manically becoming super cheerful after something good happens. They just need a little push to be optimistic.

Running-mate-match: The Complainer. The only person that should run with a complainer, is another complainer. No one should have to be brought down by their running partner, but if you’re already a complainer, you two will have lots to talk about and will feel better to get all of those negative feelings out in the open without bringing someone else down.


Your Perfect Running Buddy

Shoe Stepper: For whatever reason, this person can’t help but give you a flat tire. They are personable and like to run close to their partners, but sometimes they come too close for comfort and step on you at least a few times before you have to really keep your distance.

Running-mate-match: Pace Pusher. The pace pusher will be running too far ahead of you to step on their shoes, so problem solved!


Your Perfect Running Buddy


 If you’re constantly on a mission, find yourself pushing your friends to be better, and are not afraid to dream big—you are a motivator running buddy. Every group has one, and every group needs one. This person is upbeat, optimistic, and finds the good in every run and every running buddy. Of course sometimes it’s nice to relish in your grumpiness and have a lazy recovery day, it’s generally pretty amazing to have a motivator around to keep you honest.

Running-mate-match: Complainer, Pace Regulator, Shoe Stepper, Pace Pusher, Swag Master, Warm-up King, Bathroom Abuser. The Motivator is a good match for every type of running buddy, it can never hurt to have a good attitude around to lighten things up.

Your Perfect Running Buddy

Pace Regulator

 Wears a Garmin with a loud beep, and wants to make sure the pace doesn’t get too carried away. This person is smart and sensible about their training, doing everything in their power to avoid overtraining and make sure they are properly recovered for the days that count.

Running-mate-match: Motivator. The motivator will appreciate your diligence and most likely need someone to dial back their competitive spirit a bit to make sure they don’t over-do it.

Your Perfect Running Buddy

Bathroom Abuser

The bathroom abuser either has the world’s tiniest bladder, some bad GI distress, or just really needs to take frequent breaks and uses the bathroom as an excuse. The bathroom abuser stops to go to the bathroom at every chance they see, often slowing down the run and making everyone stop with them. This person might unknowingly have some food intolerance and be all-too-hydrated for their own good. It’s nice to have a bathroom break every now and then, but unless you like seeing every porta potty in the area, this running buddy might be a tiny bit of an annoyance. But nobody’s perfect, right!

Running-mate-match: Complainer. The Complainer does not ever mind taking a break, so these two are perfect running buddies for each other.

Your Perfect Running Buddy

Swag Master

 If you’ve ever thought it impossible to have swag while running in tiny short shorts and talking about chafing, this person will prove you very wrong. The swag master is generally a small male runner, with enough swag to make up for the fact that he’s a lanky cross country runner. Swag master uses words like “on fleek”, “you’re basic”, “yo, check out my gold chain” and others. This person is a great addition to any crew trying to look harder than they are. They’re great for a good laugh, whether they intend to be funny or not. Don’t worry, by the end of the run with swag master you’ll have some new words to add to your vocab, and will know the tune to the latest rap songs, because they will be loudly singing and dancing to it even when no headphones are around.

Running-mate-match: Great Listener, Gossip Queen, Big Talker. Swag Master is especially compatible with the flexible great listener who will be interested in any pop culture news the swag master has to offer, the gossip queen will love to chat about swag-gossip, and the big talker will also enjoy the company of the swag master if he stops singing long enough to listen to the big talker’s stories.


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