Hooray! We’re all THAT Much Closer to Being Olympians

Written by: Jonny Stevens

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Today the IAAF announced that they have relaxed the Olympic entry standards, bumping 14 American track athletes into qualifying marks.

This means we are all closer to being Olympians.

“At the IAAF Council Meeting on 26 November, changes to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games entry standards in 17 events were approved.

The International Olympic Committee have since been notified.

In April 2015, the IAAF Council approved the entry standards but allowed for a review following the IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015 where a similar system of qualification and similar standards were used.

Resulting from the experience of these championships, the Technical Delegates proposed some amendments to the Rio 2016 Olympic Gamesentry standards, which have been accepted by all parties.

The aim is to have more athletes achieving the standard and therefore, to get closer to the target number of participants.”

In addition the new standards provide Americans with 52 new marathoners who have run fast enough to be considered for the Olympics.  See the full list of revised standards here.

Revised times in BOLD

11.32  100m  10.16
23.2  200m 20.5
52.2 400m 45.4
02:01.5 800m  1:46.00
04:07.0 1500m  3:36.20
15:24.0  5000m 13:25.0
32:15.0 10,000m  28:00.00
2:45:00 Marathon   2:19:00
09:45.0 3000m SC   8:30.00
13.00 100mH/110mH  13.47
56.2  400mH  49.40
1.93 High Jump  2.29
4.50 Pole Vault 5.7
6.7 Long Jump  8.15
14.15  Triple Jump  16.85
17.75  Shot Put 20.5
61 Discus Throw   65.00
71 Hammer Throw  77.00
62 Javelin Throw  83.00
6200 Heptathlon/Decathlon  8100
1:36:00   20km race walk 1:24:00
50km race walk    4:06:00

So all the guys are .2 seconds closer to going to Rio in the 800, providing we can get top three at the U.S. Olympic Trials. Easy peezy.

Which event do you think will be impacted most at trials now that more people have the standards? Are we in for a ton of sit and kick races? Which do you prefer? Let us know either in the comments or by contributing to the site!

Jonny Stevens is a skier and hockey player who got tricked into doing cross country as a freshman in high school. After running for the University of Colorado for 5 years he returned to the mountains and worked for a non-profit while tricking freshmen into running xc at his alma mater. Then he was lured back to Boulder by the chance to work for run2run.

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