Losing a Course Record on Strava – VIDEO

Written by: Joe Bosshard

losing a course record

If you go for a run and don’t tell anyone about it, did you actually run?

Obviously the answer is yes, but you shouldn’t feel too misplaced if you kind of thought the answer is no. That’s how things are these days.  We share…a lot.  There are so many places to share.  Run2run.com wants you to share (seriously, share your stuff, running stories are the best stories and the world wants to read them)!

When it comes to running you have your choice to share runs on Strava, Running2win, Nike+, Garmin Connect, Runtastic. The list goes on and on.  These sites not only allow you to record your runs and routes, but also make it possible to compete against others.  Who is the fastest person to have run up the local mile long hill?  It’s likely recorded and the person that has the ‘record’ probably checks in daily to see if they are still on top.

If you are the owner of the the 1.24 mile segment record up SteelMuscles Hill, you are King/Queen.  That much is fact.  Kings and Queens do not get dethroned easily.  Hard fought battles and epic wars are fought for supreme rule of the land (that hill) and its people (those who have run up the hill and recorded it).

Losing a Course Record

A mighty segment ruler laughs at feeble attempts to knock them down. Many lesser humans try.  When the day comes that a superior runner takes the crown of segment leader, the former rulers never take the demotion well.  When you are no longer on top of a course record list the days are darker.  Life isn’t nearly as exciting.  Hope is lost. What more is there?

WTF am I talking about? Is this English? Whatever. This video titled Hitler losses his CR on Strava is hilarious. The scene has been done countless times, but this rendition is well done. Watch it.  Check out more of this guy’s work on his blog.

Joe is a former University of Colorado runner with a penchant for numbers and filing tax returns. He started run2run as a distraction while studying for CPA exams.

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