Guy runs marathon pulling a 3,200 pound car – VIDEO

Written by: Joe Bosshard

Marathon pulling a 3,200 pound car

Marathon Pulling a 3,200 Pound Car

Running, hell walking, 26.2 miles is tough. For many, completing a marathon is a badge of honor. For British fitness and adventure enthusiast, Ross Edgley, the thought of running straight for 26.2 miles wasn’t enough of a challenge. Instead, he decided to add some weight to his race – 3,200 pounds worth.

Yep, Edgley pulled a mini cooper for the duration of what he dubbed the “Worlds Strongest Marathon”.

I don’t know what this even means.  How does one pull a car 5 feet, let alone 138,435 feet?

Before the event Edgley, guessed it would take him around 14 hours, but with constant rain and cold weather he completed the grueling  task in 19 hours and 36 minutes. That’s not exactly ‘running’ but seriously who cares?

Edgley raised funds and awareness for some awesome charities by doing this stunt.  Whatever weird, crazy thing you want to do, if it isn’t hurting anyone, and helps raise money for a good cause along the way, go for it!

Also, what’s up with British people and these crazy running related feats?  I feel like they are doing everything cool.  Recently, a British guy ran the fastest half marathon while pushing a double stroller (two 1 year old twins) in a time of 1 hour and 56 minutes. I’m not even smart enough to think of that world record.  Although, I’m guessing that guy feels like a got knocked off his pedestal a bit. What does his stroller weigh?  30-40 pounds?

Personally, I often feel like there is a car on my back when I go for a long run the morning after a whole pizza and two bowls of ice cream so I can totally relate to this effort.

Guess I can’t complain anymore. THANKS A LOT STRONG GUY!

Okay this guy thinks he strong or something.

Joe is a former University of Colorado runner with a penchant for numbers and filing tax returns. He started run2run as a distraction while studying for CPA exams.

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