Miles Away – Running in the Swiss and Catalunya Mountains – VIDEO

Written by: Joe Bosshard

miles away

Miles Away

Motivation Monday

If you ever need a kick of motivation or feel like you could use some inspiration, watch a video of an Ultrarunner.  Ultrarunners make the best videos.  Maybe it has to do with the landscape in which most ultrarunners train.  Over mountains, across streams, through forests, it all seems so peaceful, so natural. Visually, the videos are often stunning, summiting a mountain peak can’t not be awesome.

Maybe ultrarunning videos are so good because of the runners themselves.  Sure, you have to be totally crazy to get really into ultrarunning, but you also have to truly love running.  Running for hours on end is not not just a physical challenge.  Only a person who finds a sense of calm, a sense of belonging, when out for a run can continually run for 100 miles at a time. That’s cool. You see that in the videos.

This video titled Miles Away, created by Dave MaCleod featuring Alicia Hudelson in the Swiss and Catalunya Mountains, perfectly sums up the appeal of ultrarunning.  Using your legs as a way to explore and take you on an adventure, without really knowing where you will end up.

Running really is the best way to see new places.

It’s the first thing Alicia Hudelson says in the video.

A great way to go on a vacation is to go for really long run somewhere and see things along the way

Seriously, go on a Runcation in 2016.

Everyone has a unique path towards running nirvana. Take your time, listen to your body, try new things and experiment with running.  All I know for sure is that we should all continue to watch videos of ultrarunners.  There is a lot to be learned and the videos are awesome.

Miles Away from Dave MacLeod on Vimeo.

Joe is a former University of Colorado runner with a penchant for numbers and filing tax returns. He started run2run as a distraction while studying for CPA exams.

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