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Last updated: January 18, 2016 at 13:35 pm

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Ex-Russian athletics head fears prosecution over doping scandal
Valentin Balakhnichev said Monday was “real danger” he could face criminal charges over a doping and bribery scandal for which he denies responsibility.

Time running out for Russia
The newly elected head of Russian Athletics admitted it will be difficult for Russia to end the ban imposed on the country’s athletes in time for the Rio Olympics.

“After reading the [WADA] report, it makes the conduct of former FIFA officials appear to be rank amateurs in the corruption scale.”

Turkey Olympic 1500m gold medallist bribed by two sons of Lamine Diack
Turkey’s Aslı Çakır Alptekin was told she could keep the Olympic gold medal she won in the 1500 metres at London 2012 if she paid a bribe of $700,000.

Head of USADA puzzled by refusal to declare IAAF noncompliant
“No entity can possibly be code compliant if your sport leaders extort athletes to cover up doping.”

Kenya vows action after WADA warns of doping problem
“There is clearly a problem.” More than 40 Kenyan athletes have been suspended for doping in the past two years

WADA knew about Russian doping for years
Former Russian Anti Doping Agency official has reported that WADA knew about systematic doping in Russia and did nothing about it.

WADA welcomes conclusion of Independent Commission into Doping in International Athletics
Commission did not recommend that the IAAF’s actions should lead to a declaration of their non-compliance by WADA. In fact, the Report states that the IAAF was among the most active Anti-Doping Organizations in the field. How does that make sense?

Kenya comes under scrutiny of World Anti-Doping Agency
Focus has been on Russian athletes, but Kenya fears eyes could shift towards them.

The 83 page pdf.

Vladimir Putin may have consulted on Russia track and field doping
The leader of track’s governing body told a lawyer he’d need to cut a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure nine Russian athletes accused of doping wouldn’t compete at 2013 World Track and Field Championships in Moscow.

Kenya athletes hoping WADA spares them
No doubt WADA’s upcoming report will include Kenyan athletics, doping, and corruption.

Dick Pound report to expose IAAF’s ‘unbelievable’ corruption levels
The report will be released Thursday. Pound has promises a ‘wow’ factor and new surprises.

WADA investigations should focus more on Kenya
The second part of the World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA report to be released on Thursday will likely not focus on Kenya, which was widely mentioned in the reports by the German broadcaster ARD and British Newspaper Sunday Times.

WADA concerned by new findings in Russian doping scandal
The IAAF knew of doping so out of control it feared Russian athletes could die from abusing blood-boosting drugs and transfusions.

IAAF knew of Russia’s doping program since at least 2009, AP report says
Internal IAAF documents were leaked to the Associated Press. Some of the doping levels recorded by Russian athletes were so startlingly high, IAAF officials were concerned for the athletes’ lives.

IAAF president Seb Coe backing plans to erase world records, says UK Athletics chief Ed Warner UK Athletics has announced a campaign for clean athletics including resetting every single world record due to the sport’s doping crisis, and says it will seek to bring in a lifetime ban for any athlete guilty of a serious drugs violation.

UK Athletics call for world records to be restarted in “Manifesto for Clean Athletics”
They claim a “new set of records based on performances in the clean athletics era” should be implemented in a bid to begin a new dawn for the sport, rocked by doping cover-ups and scandals.

Russian doping: IAAF warned athletes were risking lives in 2009
Documents uncovered show the IAAF warned athletes that the doping was out of control and could lead to serious health problems.

APNewsBreak: IAAF officials explored covering up Russia bans
Tests conducted at the 2009 world championships, where Russia won 13 medals, strongly suggest a systematic abuse of blood doping or EPO-related products.

Doping and the Police State
“Drastic change means changing the culture of our sport. It means making sure everyone understands that you can compete clean and win. This cannot be accomplished from a top-down approach.”

IAAF Taskforce Head: Russia Trying to Reform on Doping
“The Russians have recognized that there is an issue, a problem, and they are trying to fix it,” Norwegian anti-doping expert Rune Andersen told The Associated Press on Tuesday

Timeline of Russia’s Doping Scandal
From July 2009 – November 2015. Looks like this thing will continue well into 2016.

IAAF announces plans to “restore trust” in athletics
IAAF president Seb Coe has released details of a “road map” for athletics “to restore trust and deliver a vision for attracting more young people.”

IAAF in crisis: a complex trail of corruption that led to the very top
One man’s decision to speak out over Liliya Shobukhova blackmail case exposed athletics’ rotten core and led to the suspensions handed down by the IAAF