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Last updated: January 15, 2016 at 13:40 pm

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woman aims for history by running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents
The World Marathon Challenge starts in Antarctica on Jan. 23 and finishes a week later in Sydney the following Saturday. Participants run marathons in Punta Arenas, Chile; Miami; Madrid; Marrakech, Morocco; and Dubai. All in the course of a week.

Bolt off the market
Bolt has been in a two year relationship with a “special person”.

Too Hard on Lord Coe?
Is British Media trying to take down one of their sporting heroes? Are they too hard on all of their sporting heroes?

Dave Sime, Olympic silver medalist, dies at 79
Incredible story and career. Sime won silver in the 100-meter dash at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome.

Double-Amputee Veteran and His CEO Guide Bond Over Marathons
Cedric King finished his fourth marathon with the help of health insurance executive David Cordani at Walt Disney World Sunday.

Jesse Owen’s daughter had final approval for movie ‘Race’
She rejected some scenes to ensure the move was 100% authentic.

Former Olympian runs from persecution
Shazia Hidayat endured regular intimidation, death threats and violence on her path to becoming Pakistan’s first female runner to compete in the Olympics

Portland House of Track Unveiled
Before it is moved to the Oregon Convention Center for the US Indoor Championships and World Indoor Championships, the track will get a few warm up races in a Portland warehouse, dubbed “The House of Track”.

Top 6 Bizarre Events in Track & Field
#4 – Fastest 400-Meter WR While Juggling Three Balls

Marathon runner pulls a fast one and STEALS rival’s iPhone at the finish line of charity race
Oops looks like someone forgot about the Iphone tracking feature…Busted.

5 Track & Field Wishes For 2016
#4. Broad-based Support And Cooperation To Root Out Performance Enhancing Drugs. It’s the hottest topic in the sport right now.

Women Banned from Iran Marathon
Iran will hold its first ever “limited edition” marathon on April 9 in an attempt to “unite humanity” and improve the Islamic Republic’s image in the West. However, women are forbidden from participating. So much for uniting humanity.